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Kailua Guesthouse Welcomes
Travel Agency Clientele.

Travel Agent Policy: Kailua Guesthouse will pay a commission of 10% of rental charges to a bona fide travel agent upon completion of their clients' stay at Kailua Guesthouse subject to the following terms and conditions.
  1. Travel Agents must register with Kailua Guesthouse before the guest's reservations are confirmed and let us know where to send your commission check. To register, provide the travel agent name and cell phone number, travel agency name, address, city, state, zip, phone, fax, e-mail, and Internet URL. Complete and return our Travel Agent Registration PDF.

  2. Please provide the payee name as you want it to appear on your check and your IATA number, social security number or Federal employer ID number.

  3. Contact us to check availability. On request, we will provide a written Reservation Request in the name of the guest showing dates of stay and the travel agent name as an additional contact.

  4. Terms and payment requirements are shown in our House Rules. Payments may be made by the client or by the travel agent in the name of the client.

  5. We will issue a Reservation Confirmation after the deposit is received. The travel agent will be shown as an additional contact on the Reservation Confirmation.

  6. Thirty-days before arrival we will contact the payee by e-mail and collect the balance. All rentals are prepaid before arrival.

  7. On the first business day following completion of the guest's stay, Kailua Guesthouse will issue a check to the travel agent for 10% of the rental charge less credit card processing charge if applicable. No commission is paid on cleaning charges.

  8. Completed Reservation Request form may be returned by the guest or the travel agent. Thereafter commission will be paid to the named travel agent upon completion of the stay.

  9. Travel agent terms and conditions subject to change without notice.
For more info, call 808-261-2637 or e-mail info@kailuaguesthouse.com.

Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii 96734

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