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Let's take a 10 minute walk to Kailua Beach...

Pouli Rd.

From Kailua Guesthouse walk down Pouli Road...

Triangle Park,Kailua, Hawaii

...past Triangle Park, a popular neighborhood feature since the mid-1940's. There are volleyball games on weekends and families on the play set all the time.

Aumoe Rd.

Continue through the neighborhood on Aumoe Road to Kailua Road and turn right.                                 TOP

Walk Past Kailua Beach Center

Kailua Beach Center is a great place to stop for shave ice on your way home. You can rent a kayak, shop for beach wear, grab a plate lunch or a pizza dinner.

Kalapawai Market

Here's famous Kalapawai Market, our neighborhood store since 1932. Great deli sandwiches, drinks, beach mats... ops. Did you forget your beach mat? $2

Kailua Beach Evening Pano

Walk right in to Kailua Beach Park and into one of the loveliest views in the Islands.                              TOP

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Kailua Guesthouse is just a short walk from the popular Lanikai Ridge Trail.
For reservations and information:
E-mail  info@kailuaguesthouse.com

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Hawaii General Excise Tax License: GE-178-716-7744-01